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Hoist Ladder
Hoist Ladder
Outstanding Features

Cargo winch – cargo winch  is widely used in small and medium production. Simple structure, lower price than other types of cargo elevators with the same load should be used by many people.

Technical Parameters of Forklift Winch

  • Load capacity: 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg.
  • Speed: 3 m/p-30m/p
  • Number of stops: 2 stops, 3 stops, 4 stops, 5 stops…
  • Elevator type: Simple cargo lift
  • Engine: Cable winch, electric hoist, Mitsubishi tractor (Thailand)…
  • Motor power: 0.75kw to 3.7 Kw
  • Control system: Relay, Contactor, VVVF, PLC (Mitsubishi)
  • Power source: 3 phase 380V or 1 phase 220V
  • Lighting source: 1phase 220V

Construction of the hoist

 The cargo lift  is a simpler product of the freight elevator. Use the winch to pull the cabin in a hoist style. Depending on your transport goods, we can advise and design according to the special transportation requirements of the factory such as cabin size, stairwell height, number of floors, number of stops...

Safety system in cargo lifts, cargo winches

  • Control the door by contact: The door to open the ladder does not run, absolutely safe.
  • Floor door lock: When the cabin has not arrived, the floor door cannot be opened because the door trigger system is always locked.
  • Protection against phase loss, reverse phase: Ensure the stability of the winch operation.
  • Overload protection: An overload alarm system is installed on the bottom of the cabin, when overloaded, the elevator will not work and an alarm will sound for customers to remove goods.
  • Travel limit: Ensure that the cargo winch does not exceed the allowable stroke threshold.
  • Mechanical brake system: Installed with the chassis under the cabin combined with the governor


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