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Home elevator
Home elevator
Outstanding Features

Using a home elevator is becoming a new trend in modern life. Elevators are not only used in large projects, serving the travel needs of many people. Elevators are easy to install, but dismantling and changing is not easy. Therefore, users need to learn carefully before putting it into use. Not just a household item, a home elevator requires absolute safety and aesthetics during use.

Advantages of BKE . home elevator

Absolute safety

  • Automatically return to the nearest floor when there is a power failure.
  • Anti-cruise system, over-speed protection system
  • Safety brake system
  • Infrared beam (curtain form) at the elevator entrance is safer for the elderly and children

Luxury & Class

  • Every part is modular and has a wide range of options and spare parts to suit the homeowner's preferences.
  • Homeowners can choose from wood cladding, stone cladding, metal plating with precious materials such as gold, copper, glass home elevator architectures, luxurious aesthetic patterns suitable for architecture and style. design of the house… for the elevator to show a distinct style, luxury and class.

Flexibility in any situation

  • Flexible area, the smallest from 1500*1500mm can be installed for any house.
  • The size of the well is small, the use area is large. Save more than 20% space
  • With high customizability, can be installed anywhere, quickly only 7-10 days

In addition, the BKE brand family elevator line also stands out with some features such as: saving 30-40% of electricity consumption and customers can use the best elevator service in Ho Chi Minh City in terms of professionalism. industry and after-sales after installation.

Specifications of BKE . home elevator

  • Load capacity from 320kg to 450kg
  • The smallest pit size can be made from R1200XS1200…, the lowest pit pit 800mm
  • Speed ​​from 30m/p (0.5m/s) to 60m/p (1m/s)
  • Journey up to 30m (10 stops)
  • Low OH height low PIT pit design
  • The pit is compact, saving building space when installing.
  • Home elevators use single-phase (phase) 220v or three-phase (phase) 380v.
  • Power saving combined with energy saving controller feature.
  • Genuine imported equipment MITSUBISHI, FUJI, NIPPON, MONTANARY, MOVILIFT…

Dimensions of home elevator:

Drawing of the home elevator pit



Which type of home elevator is good?

We understand that the elevator must be really safe, stable and durable. Therefore, the equipment and products we choose to provide only from manufacturers, companies, and elevator manufacturers must meet European quality (CE, EN81, TUV) and be genuine and have their origin. clear, reputable brand.

With joint-venture home elevator:

  • Tractors: Mitsubishi, FUJI, Montanari, Torin, Sicor, Gem, ... Made in Japan, Germany, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand
  • Electrical cabinets: Mitsubishi Electric, FUJI, ... Made in Japan, Germany, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand.
  • Cabin and deck doors: 1.2mm thick stainless steel 304 (or more) with fine stripes, mirrors, patterns of all kinds (yellow, white...), Wood grain steel, Glass, Patterned glass walls... are designed reasonably and elegantly and luxury
  • Support frame: Imported steel meets ASTM, EN81, EN82 standards, laser cutting, punching, robot bending has high precision and are all coated with electrostatic paint to ensure durability over time.

With a complete imported ladder:

  • FUJI Japanese home elevator imported CBU from Japan, Korea
  • Sakura Taiwan home elevator imported CBU from Taiwan
  • Home elevators Domuslift, Movilift Italia imported complete units from Italy
  • Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Otis home elevators…

All imported CBU ladders that customers choose must follow the size and design specifications offered by the supplier.

The complete ladder is guaranteed to meet the standards of the manufacturing country, European standards CE, EN81, and TCVN

It is up to your budget to decide which type of elevator to choose. Bach Khoa Elevator  will advise you in the most accurate way. We commit and ensure that whether you choose a complete ladder or a joint venture, customers still own the best quality products with the best after-sales service and price!

How much does a home elevator quote cost in 2022?

The price of a home elevator depends on many factors such as: Number of stops, load, speed, brand origin. Engine with gearbox or without gearbox? Is it 100% new? Electrical cabinets with PLC technology or Microprocessor? Control cabinet imported complete unit or domestic connection? What is a pattern…

On the basis of selection: type of ladder, equipment configuration, model, elevator will have the cheapest price range from 250 million to 950 million dong depending on the actual requirements of customers.

Where can the home elevator be located in the house?

Can be installed in any position: indoor or outdoor with one side facing the house wall

The indoor installation location can be the skylight, the corner of the house, the middle of the house, the position next to or between the stairs

The selection of the ladder location will be consulted by the TPEC design engineer with the investor to ensure the following criteria:

1: Meet the needs of use, convenient.

2: Ensure the aesthetics and harmony of the overall architecture of the house

3: No damage to existing structures.

Choose the type with machine room or without machine room?

Choosing a family elevator with machine room (CPM – MR) or machine roomless elevator (KPM – MRL) the priority is to see if the building architectural system when installing CPM elevators will be affected. In terms of safety, both CPM and KPM ladders are safe. The price is the same if the tractors all use gearless technology. The price of the ladder is only different when choosing a motorized ladder with a gearbox (CHS) or without a gearbox (KHS).

Ladders with Machine Room use tractors WITH BOX:

  • Pros: cheap, easy to maintain.
  • Cons: loud noise, expensive electricity, costly periodic oil changes for the gearbox, may cost more to repair the engine

Elevator with Machine Room with Tractor NO Gearbox:

  • Advantages: easy to maintain, quiet, durable, extremely low noise, energy-saving, quiet and durable motor, does not cost money to change oil or repair.
  • Cons: higher price (equivalent to KPM scale) because all tractors use KH

Machine roomless elevator MRL:

  • Advantages: like a ladder with a machine room.
  • Cons: higher price (only for gearless tractors), slightly more difficult to maintain and repair than CPM ladders

Many questions arise when customers use the elevator

Do elevators use electricity?

Elevator for home or company: does using the elevator use electricity? How much electricity does the elevator cost per month?…As you all know, the elevator has to operate continuously to transport people in the building, which cannot be turned off. However, it is easy to realize that the times when using the elevator is the most power consuming, and when not moving, the elevator is in standby mode waiting for the floor call to use less power. Through our statistics, an average of 1 elevator can account for 10 -15% of the total electricity consumption of the family in 1 month.

To own a safe and quality home elevator, you should note a few things as follows:

  • Firstly: Imported main equipment must be imported from major brands such as: Mitsubishi, Fuji, Montanari and have clear certificates of origin (CO, CQ), and new models each year.
  • Second: The unit that manufactures, assembles and packs cabins must have a large factory, complete and modern machinery (should go directly to the factory for inspection).
  • Third: You should choose an elevator company with a professional installation and maintenance team. You need to know: the installation and maintenance of the elevator determines more than 40% of the good operation of the stairs, smoothness or not, and stability.

Bach Khoa Elevator and Mechanical Joint Stock Company with the brand name BKE elevator has been one of the few elevator units that has been supported and trusted by customers in the past decade. This is a good address to buy elevators in Ho Chi Minh City.

Safety features in home elevator systems

  • Speed ​​limiter
  • Mechanical brake system
  • Overload protection
  • Protection against loss and reverse phase, voltage drop, overcurrent
  • Emergency button and outside contact
  • Emergency lighting
  • Door safety lock
  • The intercom system helps to communicate between the inside of the elevator room and the outside duty room.
  • UPS Automatic Rescue Kit: When the main power supply is suddenly lost, this device will automatically bring the ladder to the nearest floor and open the door to let the guests out. The power reserve will automatically recharge when power is restored.

The main equipment of passenger elevator includes:

elevator equipment and accessories

  • Control system: PLC Mitsubishi -Thailand (Made in Thailand)
  • Control by: VVVF Mitsubishi – Japan (Made in Japan), FUJI-Japan
  • Dynamic control: VVVF Mitsubishi -Japan (Made in Japan), FUJI-Japan
  • Engine of : Mitsubishi – (Made in Thailand)
  • Tractor : Mitsubishi -(Made in Thailand) ), ITG -Italy
  • Electrical cabinet contactor : Mitsubishi -Japan (Made in Japan)
  • Circuit breaker for electrical cabinets : Mitsubishi -Japan (Made in Japan)

The above equipments are imported synchronously, 100% new, tropicalized in accordance with the hot and humid climate of Vietnam.

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