Company Overview

Bach Khoa Elevator and Mechanical Joint Stock Company (BKE) specializes in the supply, design, installation, warranty and maintenance of elevators such as:

  • Home Elevator
  • Passenger Elevator
  • Loading Elevator
  • Food Loading Elevator
  • Car Elevator
  • Lifting Winch
  • Elevators for the Disabled
  • Smart parking
  • Concrete Roller Machine

Training is paid special attention by the board of directors of BKE Elevator company with the regular dispatch of officials and engineers to participate in domestic courses, intensive technical training at the factory or invite new Experts from companies come to Vietnam to directly guide at the construction site in order to create a generation of key staff with high professional qualifications.

Bach Khoa Elevator has also succeeded in building and applying the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, 5S. The ERP solution was also selected to be included in the management process. All have improved the efficiency and quality of work.